If Positioning, Growth, Content, Engagement & Community Management is done well, ROI will come. Which are the critical elements for Linkedin communities to succeed? Our social media experts have the answers.1)Position your community around your members’ deep professional interests. Build trust with the hard-hitting relevance of your content.
2)Consistently grow the community members with a highly relevant audience.
3)Develop content and a community environment that inspire engagement, participation and user-generated content.
4)A proactive Community Manager keeps the conversation on the topic, protects the community from self-promotion & spam, and builds key relationships with members.


If all this is done correctly, you can expect to reap plenty of benefits:Linkedin Community

  • Fully GDPR compliant one-on-one communication that counters the decline in email marketing database
  • Maximise ROI out of your existing audiences -never pay for the same audience member/contact point twice.
  • Provides the platform for Social Selling initiatives
  • Enables Content Marketing programs with Account Based Insights
  • Engage with your audience and event community throughout the year (24/7, 365)
  • Market upcoming events (real world and webinars) using one-on-one communication, content and event promotion within the group
  • Invite potential sponsors, Speakers and exhibitors to the community and give your business development team access to these prospects
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